Bauer BGA IR PRO SCC V4 Rework Station

Only BGA store is providing the Bauer BGA IR PRO SCC V4 Rework Station with a free delivery system all over the world especially in America and Canada. 

The Bauer IR PRO SCC V4 features a unique new 2 in 1 top heat system where the user can easily change between IR & Hot air featuring a 500 watt Dark IR and 800 watt Hot Air system simply use the mechanism to use the desired system.

What we like about this machine

  • Computer Interface for reflow / rebelling profiles
  • Interchangeable Top Heads 2 in 1 system IR + Hot Air
  • Dark IR 400W top heating
  • Can reflow / reball chip size up to 65 x 65 (certainly large enough to do both PS3 and 360 chips and all laptop chips)
  • Bottom preheated size of 260 x 245 (very good, as the T-8280 is ~ 250 x 260 and works great)
  • Internalized PCB fixture rail for added PCB support and stability
  • Has forced air cooling
  • This machine reflows play station 3 Chips with ease and much faster than IR PRO SC
  • Bauer Soft V3.4 Features Downloadable profiles via the profile sharing center

Featuring a large 400mm x 300mm pre heating area the SCC can accommodate almost anything user throws at it. The plates are high powered 4 x 500 watt high quality ceramic plates that give even heat within 2c. The station also features triple monitoring system with x 3 HQ K – Type thermocouples independently monitoring the temp around the chip on the fly for more consistent reworking.


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