Characteristics of Auto Pick Place BGA Station :-

Good news for those who is searching for a best auto picks and place BGA rework station. I found R600 auto pick and place BGA rework station having excellent features at a best price. It is a most popular rework station the R600 auto pick and replaces rework station  is a simply streets ahead of the feature 2360degree automation and a very high quality of components including split vision X-ray system in it.

Below is the features detail of Auto Pick Place rework Station in detail.

Heating head and mounting head 2 in 1, Features a computerized fastening / de-soldering process. Upper warming head is another sort item with blend air and hot air warming, temperature goes up rapidly that makes an enormous temperature distinction between BGA evacuated and the segments around that will remain unaffected, suitable best for the chip with extremely little space between BGA. Three warming zone (upper hot air + more level hot air + lowest part IR) warm independently, the time and the temperature showed on the touch screen. Vast and mobile lowest part preheats range, PCB altering dance is movable with X, Y tomahawks, and the max PCB size is dependent upon 550*500mm. Bottom power cross flow fan cools down instantly and safely. Shades optical vision framework with kaleidoscopic twofold colors, zoom in and fine-modifying capacities, deviation recognize setting is incorporated, auto-center, programming operation, 22x optical zoom, Max BGA estimate 70*70mm could be revamped. Implanted modern PC, touch screen interface, PLC control, show ongoing temperature bend and also setting bend and basically test bend which could be broke down. Implicit vacuum pump, turn inside 60°, mounting spout with exact fine-changing. 8 portions temperature up(down) + 8 sections steady temperature control, temperature bend might be spared in extraordinary a significant number of qty, investigation could be completed on touch screen. Spout can catch the statures when picking and putting, the weight is controllable in exceptionally little range. Numerous sizes amalgam hot air spouts to be swapped effectively and placed in any heavenly attendants. Colors optical vision framework moved immediately with engine drive .Placing chips immediately with dances with spotting scales. Thermocouple port, constant screaming and breaking down.

I am sure you will like this Auto Pick Place BGA Rework Station.


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