Optical Alignment BGA Rework Station:-

Optical Alignment BGA Rework Station machine has been provided with optical arrangement frameworks , it is a high-execution BGA Rework Station , BGA pins and the PCB cushions transform pictures on the HD streamlined CCD in the meantime, can watch the procedure of positioning through a screen. Optical Alignment BGA Rework Station execution as Lk-T5 revamp state, intended for the repairing of PCB, for example PC, note pad, Xbox-360, Mobile telephones, computerized Polaroid, Mp4 /5, switches, and so forth. Can rework CPU socket…

These are the features of this optical alignment BGA rework station:

Optical alignment BGA Rework Station is intended for the repairing of PCB, for example workstation, record book, Xbox-360, Mobile telephones, advanced Polaroid, Mp4 / 5, switches, and so forth. The machine has been amassing a set of optical structure, Pins of BGA chip and PCB pads can imagine in HD Industrial CCD meanwhile, the admin can watch the strategy of positioning by presentation. This BGA Rework Station can change twofold layer BGA chip, after warming, weld won’t turn out from the twofold layer BGA chip. This Rework station can reconsider the CPU connection. Moreover it can modify a mixture of openings too. The standard model can store 10 temperature bends, every temperature bend can divide into 8 heating and 8 consistent, you can stretch unlimitedly to assume that you require. Presently, we prescribe a standout amongst the most basic and most dependable temperature bend: one and only warning and one consistent.

It is amassed with an exact temperature controller, just 1 degree temperature blunder esteem .This Rework Station is intended to be one infrared warming and two hot-air warming’s . The top part and the center of the base part are hot-air warming systems. Around the bottom part is infrared; it can warm PCB to avert twisting. This BGA Rework Station takes in the ballpark of 2-4 minutes Desoldering a chip.  The top warming head can move uninhibitedly, over and over again, left and right, all over, turn.

The installation for PCB is exceptionally exceptional, even a mind boggling structure PCB can put on it on a level plane and relentlessly. It has been gathered an influential flat fan, PCB might be rapidly cooled. It has a sound caution. It has been gathered a vacuum suction pen, and the suction pen can take off BGA chips. Infrared warming segments could be separately regulated.


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