LY LiYang 5880 BGA the Best BGA Machine:-

BGA machines are the best machines in the world providing High quality of BGA machine for the repair and rework of PCB (Printed Circuit board). It is widely used for the Rework of microprocessor and the motherboard of the laptops, PCs, play station and XBOX. It is the best machines preventing the PCB from overheating and this is the best and foremost feature of this machine as other machines damage the surrounding area of the microchip where you need the reworking. Now I have another best machine for the Reballing and reworking of the PCB and this rework station is the LY Li Yang 5880 BGA. Now I am telling about what are the features of this BGA rework station.

This LiYang BGA is the best BGA equipped with the CCD camera and a monitor to display. An adopter with linear slider due to this all the three axles (X, Y, and Z) can do fine tuning and a quick orientation with perfect positioning accuracy and speed maneuverability. It is also equipped with the touch panel interface and a PLC controls to ensure that it is working reliably and stabile and it can store multiple temperature date of users and protected with a password and have modification function while retaining the power on. The data of the temperature will display on the touch screen with a real time temperature curve analysis. It has three temperature zones to heat up independently and a there is a hot air heat up between upper and lower of this zone and an IR preheat in the bottom its temperature precise control is in between+3 to -3℃.

The upper zone of the temperature can be moved easily and freely according the requirement, the other and the second zone can be adjusted up and down. The Top and the bottom heaters can be set in different segment control at the same time and IR heating zone can be adjusted according to the output power of the operational requirements. It has the high accuracy K type thermocouple closed-loop controlling can test temperature accurately through external temperature measurement interface also PCB board positioned by closed V shaped slot and the flexible and the convenient universal Jigs can be prevent from any type of damage and PCB deformation as well as it is suitable for all size of BGA package. It has a high power fan to cool down the PCB at the same time and with the bait is vacuum pump and external vacuum nozzle is able to take BGA chips out easily. Also with the alarm prompt function after welding is done specially added early warning function for convenient operation. It has Passed CE certificate.  It is equipped with emergency stop switch and protection equipment to power off automatically when abnormal accident happened also under this situation that temperature is out of control and circuit can automatically cut off the power with double over temperature protection function with the observe soldering station through the monitor.


Reballing kits use for the reworks of PCB via BGA machines:-

BGA machines are the best machines in the world for the reballing and reworking of PCB (Printed Circuit board) like microprocessor and motherboard of computer, laptop, notebook, XBOX, Mobile phones, digital camera, MP4 /5 players, routers and CPU socket. While working with BGA machines we are always in need of Reballing kits or tools because these are the necessities for every kind of BGA reworking stations.

 There are a lot of tools used by any engineer or technician for the reworking of PCB and they always want to have these tools with him. Reballing kit for BGA machines is the most complex and the most important tool kit for BGA reworking stations. In today where everyone want the best technology for their work and home usage and for their entertainment, the need for reworking increase too high and there is a huge amount of reworking labs are available all around the world however BGA machines solve this problem by providing the best technology for reworking and made best machines and machine kits for reworking. The BGA reballing kit is more flexible for the type of pattern, the size of the pitches, and solder ball. These reballing kits are made to provide best reworking even with a too minor reworks by determining both the leads and lead free reballing kit assemble on the workplace most of the reballing critical conditions can be managed. This reballing kit provides you all types of tools required for all reballing stations. A variety of small tools required for all type of soldering size are available in this reballing kit. In short it is best suitable for your all kinds of BGA reworks.

Moreover it is recommended that you will always use the only reballing kit best suitable for your rework type or the more specific tools for a specific type of reworking. It helps your device in smooth reworking and the chance of damage reduce to zero percent. BGA store provides you the best reballing kits in high quality of its all components (tools) help you to be safe in your reworking area and never feel and difficulty in your reworking.

Latest BGA Accessories For BGA Machines:-

Are you an engineer and working with the repair of microprocessor and motherboards? What type of machines you are using for repairs of PCB (Printed circuit board)? I am deadly sure that you are using BGA machines for repair works but why we always use BGA machines for these types of repair? The answer is, it is the best machines we are using for the repairs of PCB like microprocessor of PCs (Personal computers), laptops, Play stations, and Xbox also these are the best machines preventing PCB from being overheated and having more interconnecting pins than any other device use for these types of repairs. While working with BGA machines we always require BGA accessories, below are these accessories.

  • Chip Cooling & Heating plates
  • Nozzles & PCB support Jigs
  • Smoke absorbers
  • Solder Braids & Solder iron tips
  • Solder wire plates
  • Thermal tapes & Thermo couple
  • Tweezers, picks, Vacuum Tools & Others.

These BGA accessories are widely used in all production houses and for all BGA rework stations. Below are a few of these BGA accessories in detail of its usage.

Chip Cooling Thermal Heat sink Pad Copper is a thermal conductive pad made of copper and offers a mess free installation with maximum heat conduction and increase cooling. It is widely use for graphic chip cards, north south chip bridge, memory chipset and IC. Thermal Conductive a heat sink pad is a thermal conductive pad made of silica gel and it also offers a mess free installation with maximum heat conduction and increase cooling. It is widely used for the same products like copper pad but it is specially made of silica gel with blue color with a continuous temperature of 40 to 200 degree.  Two and four Replacement Lower Dark IR Ceramic Plate using for ACHI IR PRO / SC is the pair of heating plates.

Hot Air BGA Rework Station Nozzle for ZM Series Machines:-This nozzles is 100 percent unique, control from ZM and it is an attractive sort spout connector use diverse sizes to center the hotness into distinctive sort chip sizes likewise tackle little sort chips and chip away at amazing high temperature and opposes twisting under the high temperature proposed part for all Zhuomao machines.  Aoyue 618 Versatile Working Platform accompanies expansive working space and extensive variety of fine stature conformity. It is suited for careful improving when consolidated with models 968, 768, 899, 853 and different contraption. These are a few BGA accessories always require for BG machines.