Reballing kits use for the reworks of PCB via BGA machines:-

BGA machines are the best machines in the world for the reballing and reworking of PCB (Printed Circuit board) like microprocessor and motherboard of computer, laptop, notebook, XBOX, Mobile phones, digital camera, MP4 /5 players, routers and CPU socket. While working with BGA machines we are always in need of Reballing kits or tools because these are the necessities for every kind of BGA reworking stations.

 There are a lot of tools used by any engineer or technician for the reworking of PCB and they always want to have these tools with him. Reballing kit for BGA machines is the most complex and the most important tool kit for BGA reworking stations. In today where everyone want the best technology for their work and home usage and for their entertainment, the need for reworking increase too high and there is a huge amount of reworking labs are available all around the world however BGA machines solve this problem by providing the best technology for reworking and made best machines and machine kits for reworking. The BGA reballing kit is more flexible for the type of pattern, the size of the pitches, and solder ball. These reballing kits are made to provide best reworking even with a too minor reworks by determining both the leads and lead free reballing kit assemble on the workplace most of the reballing critical conditions can be managed. This reballing kit provides you all types of tools required for all reballing stations. A variety of small tools required for all type of soldering size are available in this reballing kit. In short it is best suitable for your all kinds of BGA reworks.

Moreover it is recommended that you will always use the only reballing kit best suitable for your rework type or the more specific tools for a specific type of reworking. It helps your device in smooth reworking and the chance of damage reduce to zero percent. BGA store provides you the best reballing kits in high quality of its all components (tools) help you to be safe in your reworking area and never feel and difficulty in your reworking.


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