LY LiYang 5880 BGA the Best BGA Machine:-

BGA machines are the best machines in the world providing High quality of BGA machine for the repair and rework of PCB (Printed Circuit board). It is widely used for the Rework of microprocessor and the motherboard of the laptops, PCs, play station and XBOX. It is the best machines preventing the PCB from overheating and this is the best and foremost feature of this machine as other machines damage the surrounding area of the microchip where you need the reworking. Now I have another best machine for the Reballing and reworking of the PCB and this rework station is the LY Li Yang 5880 BGA. Now I am telling about what are the features of this BGA rework station.

This LiYang BGA is the best BGA equipped with the CCD camera and a monitor to display. An adopter with linear slider due to this all the three axles (X, Y, and Z) can do fine tuning and a quick orientation with perfect positioning accuracy and speed maneuverability. It is also equipped with the touch panel interface and a PLC controls to ensure that it is working reliably and stabile and it can store multiple temperature date of users and protected with a password and have modification function while retaining the power on. The data of the temperature will display on the touch screen with a real time temperature curve analysis. It has three temperature zones to heat up independently and a there is a hot air heat up between upper and lower of this zone and an IR preheat in the bottom its temperature precise control is in between+3 to -3℃.

The upper zone of the temperature can be moved easily and freely according the requirement, the other and the second zone can be adjusted up and down. The Top and the bottom heaters can be set in different segment control at the same time and IR heating zone can be adjusted according to the output power of the operational requirements. It has the high accuracy K type thermocouple closed-loop controlling can test temperature accurately through external temperature measurement interface also PCB board positioned by closed V shaped slot and the flexible and the convenient universal Jigs can be prevent from any type of damage and PCB deformation as well as it is suitable for all size of BGA package. It has a high power fan to cool down the PCB at the same time and with the bait is vacuum pump and external vacuum nozzle is able to take BGA chips out easily. Also with the alarm prompt function after welding is done specially added early warning function for convenient operation. It has Passed CE certificate.  It is equipped with emergency stop switch and protection equipment to power off automatically when abnormal accident happened also under this situation that temperature is out of control and circuit can automatically cut off the power with double over temperature protection function with the observe soldering station through the monitor.


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