Honton HT-R 5630 BGA Reworking Station:-

BGA reworking station or BGA Reworking Machines are world’s number one machines and reworking station use to repair and reworking of the integrated circuits of the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) for the microprocessor of PCs, laptops, XBOXs, MP4 players and play stations. These machines are widely use in the today’s reworking of the PCB and the best suitable and available machines in the world. There are a range of machines available for these types of reworking and reballing. You can choose the best one according to the type and requirement of your reworking. However here I am describing the Honton HT R 5630.

The Honton HT R 5630 is designed for the repairing of PCB like computer, notebook, XBOX-360, Mobile phones, digital camera, MP4 /5, routers, CPU socket it can rework a variety of slots too. HT-5630 BGA rework station uses high-precision imported raw materials (PLC heater), precise control the BGA rework process. The machine uses three independently controlled temperature zones, temperature control more accurate, the first and the second temperature zone can be set to 8 segments up and down temperature and 8 segments constant temperature control, can save up to 10 groups of temperature curves at the same time. The third temperature zone use far infrared radiator to preheat and control the temperature freely, so the PCB might be completely preheated throughout the fastening procedure. HT-5630 picks foreign made high accuracy K type thermocouple and shut circle to recognize the temperature accurately.

Utilizing the top and base heating temperature of the heating bend approach alone, cross-stream quick cooling fan attempts to guarantee that PCB in the welding procedure is not distorted. It can make a slow caution unanticipated 20 seconds while desoldering and binding complete, outfitted with vacuum suction pen for simple evacuate patch scatter in the wake of desoldering. Honton BGA HT-5630 PCB positioning utilizing V molded opening, adaptable and advantageous removable installation, to secure the PCB and for expansive high temperature limit of PCB and other high temperature prerequisites, lead free welding necessities, all could be took care of effortlessly. The hot air nozzle might be pivoted 360 degrees, simple to trade, provided with mixed variety of sizes, extraordinary prerequisites could be tweaked and a suitable for note pad motherboards, desktop motherboards, expansive circuit board repair, and other portable motherboard and small chip repair. By Utilizes the planet’s most advanced intelligent control system (ICS), make the BGA reworking desoldering more sympathetic, more help and more wise. It is outlined with super disappointment caution work, the control framework combined issue identification and alert as accompanying. K-sort thermocouple opens testing and deficiency alert assurance. To stay away from the temperature wild, temperature overshoot and different faults happened.

All over the hot air fan issue location and flaw alert insurance likewise to counteract the warmer blazed and guarantee the security of the machine and the operator. The radiator flaw identification and deficiency caution, the machine’s constant circumstance will be clear at a look. The up and down hot air current electronic insights speed regulation with every distinctive temperature bends match diverse wind velocities, enhance reworking effectiveness and enhance the victory rate of reworking likewise wiping out dreary monotonous universal mechanical machine speed conformity. Utilizes double Y direction PCB clasping casing, to meet the bigger PCB settled.


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