Characteristics of Auto Pick Place BGA Station :-

Good news for those who is searching for a best auto picks and place BGA rework station. I found R600 auto pick and place BGA rework station having excellent features at a best price. It is a most popular rework station the R600 auto pick and replaces rework station  is a simply streets ahead of the feature 2360degree automation and a very high quality of components including split vision X-ray system in it.

Below is the features detail of Auto Pick Place rework Station in detail.

Heating head and mounting head 2 in 1, Features a computerized fastening / de-soldering process. Upper warming head is another sort item with blend air and hot air warming, temperature goes up rapidly that makes an enormous temperature distinction between BGA evacuated and the segments around that will remain unaffected, suitable best for the chip with extremely little space between BGA. Three warming zone (upper hot air + more level hot air + lowest part IR) warm independently, the time and the temperature showed on the touch screen. Vast and mobile lowest part preheats range, PCB altering dance is movable with X, Y tomahawks, and the max PCB size is dependent upon 550*500mm. Bottom power cross flow fan cools down instantly and safely. Shades optical vision framework with kaleidoscopic twofold colors, zoom in and fine-modifying capacities, deviation recognize setting is incorporated, auto-center, programming operation, 22x optical zoom, Max BGA estimate 70*70mm could be revamped. Implanted modern PC, touch screen interface, PLC control, show ongoing temperature bend and also setting bend and basically test bend which could be broke down. Implicit vacuum pump, turn inside 60°, mounting spout with exact fine-changing. 8 portions temperature up(down) + 8 sections steady temperature control, temperature bend might be spared in extraordinary a significant number of qty, investigation could be completed on touch screen. Spout can catch the statures when picking and putting, the weight is controllable in exceptionally little range. Numerous sizes amalgam hot air spouts to be swapped effectively and placed in any heavenly attendants. Colors optical vision framework moved immediately with engine drive .Placing chips immediately with dances with spotting scales. Thermocouple port, constant screaming and breaking down.

I am sure you will like this Auto Pick Place BGA Rework Station.


LY IR PRO SC Machine:-

LY IR Pro is a BGA soldering rework station is a dark BGA work station available in V1, V2, V3 versions. It can rework CSP, QFN, MLF, PGA, CBGA, CCGA, for CSP, QFN, MLF, CBGA, CCGA, CBGA, CCGA, with all green proxy and other chip level μBGA welding repairing. This product is designed mainly for desktop, laptop, switches, Xboxes and other play stations, mother boards and graphic cards and with other BGA chips.

LY IR-PRO SC through inventive outline, viable answer for the standard infrared revamp station warming process because of the moderate warming of the wind stream made the most fantastic imperfections. Disordering process takes in the ballpark of 3 minutes. IR-PRO SC without uniting the PC might be extremely advantageous to work. Free upper and more level warming temperature, autonomous temperature estimation. The contact temperature sensor can catch correct, continuous temperature parameters BGA heat. Temperature control is more agreeable. Welding is finished with a caution capacity to tell the client.

  • Computer Interface for reflow / reballing profiles
  • Dark IR 400W top heating
  • Can reflow / reball chip size up to 65 x 65 (certainly large enough to do both PS3 and 360 chips and all laptop chips)
  • Bottom preheated size of 260 x 245 (very good, as the T-8280 is ~ 250 x 260 and works great)
    Internalized PCB fixture rail for added PCB support and stability
  • Has forced air cooling
  • Many upgraded Features, also Hot Air Top attachment soon to be released
  • This machine reflows play station 3 BGA`s with ease and much faster than IR 6000
  • Independent preheating zones use either middle 2 or all 4 pre heating plates


IR-PRO SC with Rs232 interchanges connector. Correspondence with the workstation, the programming supplied IRSOFT temperature control, machine control might be accomplished. Might be set at passage 8 +8 temperature control temperature bend temperature bend can store 10 gatherings.

It repairs transform without wind stream. It does not influence to the encompassing small components. IR-PRO SC expansive zone of the upper part of the warming can effectively repair an assortment of CPU Block, different shielding walled in areas, sweep of different parts opening. IR-PRO Sc could be planted specifically warmed chip BGA patch ball, the warming methodology of the steel cross section is not disfigured (for immediate warming with steel work to clients).

Bauer BGA IR PRO SCC V4 Rework Station

Only BGA store is providing the Bauer BGA IR PRO SCC V4 Rework Station with a free delivery system all over the world especially in America and Canada. 

The Bauer IR PRO SCC V4 features a unique new 2 in 1 top heat system where the user can easily change between IR & Hot air featuring a 500 watt Dark IR and 800 watt Hot Air system simply use the mechanism to use the desired system.

What we like about this machine

  • Computer Interface for reflow / rebelling profiles
  • Interchangeable Top Heads 2 in 1 system IR + Hot Air
  • Dark IR 400W top heating
  • Can reflow / reball chip size up to 65 x 65 (certainly large enough to do both PS3 and 360 chips and all laptop chips)
  • Bottom preheated size of 260 x 245 (very good, as the T-8280 is ~ 250 x 260 and works great)
  • Internalized PCB fixture rail for added PCB support and stability
  • Has forced air cooling
  • This machine reflows play station 3 Chips with ease and much faster than IR PRO SC
  • Bauer Soft V3.4 Features Downloadable profiles via the profile sharing center

Featuring a large 400mm x 300mm pre heating area the SCC can accommodate almost anything user throws at it. The plates are high powered 4 x 500 watt high quality ceramic plates that give even heat within 2c. The station also features triple monitoring system with x 3 HQ K – Type thermocouples independently monitoring the temp around the chip on the fly for more consistent reworking.

BGA Machines and BGA Reworking Station:-

In today information technology dramatically changed and there are thousands and millions of machines are available everywhere in our surroundings and a time has come when we are nothing without technology. A big quantity of these machines is bases on printed circuit board (PCB). This PCB is a microchip and with the microchips to the adaptable circuits there are too many small technology products are available inside your pocket and bags ball grid arrays (BGA) are one of these things.

A ball grid array (BGA) is derived from the word pin grid array (PGA) which is used to perform electronic signals from the integrated circuits to the printed circuit board (PCB) of the machines. Almost all of the electronics devices have PCB in it and PGA is comprised of pins and the BGA is made of soldering balls which we call a package. These BGA are widely available in your PCs, Laptops, and XBOX and play stations. If you remember that in the starts you have big cellular phones but now it is more small and compact and ultra portable it is just due to the development of BGA and BGA makes it possible and provide you the ideal solution by producing this miniature package which is more efficient and more effective. With a PGA as more pins were being patched to a bundle, the unsatisfactory danger of spanning them was developing.

BGA bound to the package tackled this issue taking into account high thickness and diminished heat conduction. The solder balls of a BGA machine cannot be flexing and this can direct to breaking however can likewise be reduced by additional adequate outline and similarity between the substrate of the circuit board and the BGA. Commonly BGA oblige assessment and repair. This can be done with exceptional X-Ray machines and microscopes machines. After verifying if there is a BGA in need of repairs it can be removed at a BGA Rework Station with an infrared light a thermocouple, and a vacuity for lifting the package and this allows the workers to replace or reball the BGA to return it for further working. There are too many BGA reworking stations are available you can choose the best suitable according to your needs and the type of reworking and according to the connecting pins. A few of these machines are  ACH1 BGA Stations, Aoyue BGA Stations, Bauer BGA Stations, Botike, Jovy BGA Stations, LeiKe BGA Stations, LiYang BGA Stations, Pre Heater plus SMT Kit, Shuttle Star Stations, Torch HA Stations’ W-Kidi BGA Stations, Wisdomshow Stations, Zhuomao BGA Stations, ZX BGA Stations, Bauer BGA Stations, Honton BGA Stations, Ding-Hua DH-Stations, Fundar BGA Stations. These all machines are used to reworking the PCB.

If you are searching for the best BGA machines and reworking stations for your reworking you can choose the more appropriate and the best according to your requirement and according to the soldering and reballing you need to perform with the PCB of your devices.