Latest BGA Accessories For BGA Machines:-

Are you an engineer and working with the repair of microprocessor and motherboards? What type of machines you are using for repairs of PCB (Printed circuit board)? I am deadly sure that you are using BGA machines for repair works but why we always use BGA machines for these types of repair? The answer is, it is the best machines we are using for the repairs of PCB like microprocessor of PCs (Personal computers), laptops, Play stations, and Xbox also these are the best machines preventing PCB from being overheated and having more interconnecting pins than any other device use for these types of repairs. While working with BGA machines we always require BGA accessories, below are these accessories.

  • Chip Cooling & Heating plates
  • Nozzles & PCB support Jigs
  • Smoke absorbers
  • Solder Braids & Solder iron tips
  • Solder wire plates
  • Thermal tapes & Thermo couple
  • Tweezers, picks, Vacuum Tools & Others.

These BGA accessories are widely used in all production houses and for all BGA rework stations. Below are a few of these BGA accessories in detail of its usage.

Chip Cooling Thermal Heat sink Pad Copper is a thermal conductive pad made of copper and offers a mess free installation with maximum heat conduction and increase cooling. It is widely use for graphic chip cards, north south chip bridge, memory chipset and IC. Thermal Conductive a heat sink pad is a thermal conductive pad made of silica gel and it also offers a mess free installation with maximum heat conduction and increase cooling. It is widely used for the same products like copper pad but it is specially made of silica gel with blue color with a continuous temperature of 40 to 200 degree.  Two and four Replacement Lower Dark IR Ceramic Plate using for ACHI IR PRO / SC is the pair of heating plates.

Hot Air BGA Rework Station Nozzle for ZM Series Machines:-This nozzles is 100 percent unique, control from ZM and it is an attractive sort spout connector use diverse sizes to center the hotness into distinctive sort chip sizes likewise tackle little sort chips and chip away at amazing high temperature and opposes twisting under the high temperature proposed part for all Zhuomao machines.  Aoyue 618 Versatile Working Platform accompanies expansive working space and extensive variety of fine stature conformity. It is suited for careful improving when consolidated with models 968, 768, 899, 853 and different contraption. These are a few BGA accessories always require for BG machines.


Optical Alignment BGA Rework Station:-

Optical Alignment BGA Rework Station machine has been provided with optical arrangement frameworks , it is a high-execution BGA Rework Station , BGA pins and the PCB cushions transform pictures on the HD streamlined CCD in the meantime, can watch the procedure of positioning through a screen. Optical Alignment BGA Rework Station execution as Lk-T5 revamp state, intended for the repairing of PCB, for example PC, note pad, Xbox-360, Mobile telephones, computerized Polaroid, Mp4 /5, switches, and so forth. Can rework CPU socket…

These are the features of this optical alignment BGA rework station:

Optical alignment BGA Rework Station is intended for the repairing of PCB, for example workstation, record book, Xbox-360, Mobile telephones, advanced Polaroid, Mp4 / 5, switches, and so forth. The machine has been amassing a set of optical structure, Pins of BGA chip and PCB pads can imagine in HD Industrial CCD meanwhile, the admin can watch the strategy of positioning by presentation. This BGA Rework Station can change twofold layer BGA chip, after warming, weld won’t turn out from the twofold layer BGA chip. This Rework station can reconsider the CPU connection. Moreover it can modify a mixture of openings too. The standard model can store 10 temperature bends, every temperature bend can divide into 8 heating and 8 consistent, you can stretch unlimitedly to assume that you require. Presently, we prescribe a standout amongst the most basic and most dependable temperature bend: one and only warning and one consistent.

It is amassed with an exact temperature controller, just 1 degree temperature blunder esteem .This Rework Station is intended to be one infrared warming and two hot-air warming’s . The top part and the center of the base part are hot-air warming systems. Around the bottom part is infrared; it can warm PCB to avert twisting. This BGA Rework Station takes in the ballpark of 2-4 minutes Desoldering a chip.  The top warming head can move uninhibitedly, over and over again, left and right, all over, turn.

The installation for PCB is exceptionally exceptional, even a mind boggling structure PCB can put on it on a level plane and relentlessly. It has been gathered an influential flat fan, PCB might be rapidly cooled. It has a sound caution. It has been gathered a vacuum suction pen, and the suction pen can take off BGA chips. Infrared warming segments could be separately regulated.

LY IR PRO SC Machine:-

LY IR Pro is a BGA soldering rework station is a dark BGA work station available in V1, V2, V3 versions. It can rework CSP, QFN, MLF, PGA, CBGA, CCGA, for CSP, QFN, MLF, CBGA, CCGA, CBGA, CCGA, with all green proxy and other chip level μBGA welding repairing. This product is designed mainly for desktop, laptop, switches, Xboxes and other play stations, mother boards and graphic cards and with other BGA chips.

LY IR-PRO SC through inventive outline, viable answer for the standard infrared revamp station warming process because of the moderate warming of the wind stream made the most fantastic imperfections. Disordering process takes in the ballpark of 3 minutes. IR-PRO SC without uniting the PC might be extremely advantageous to work. Free upper and more level warming temperature, autonomous temperature estimation. The contact temperature sensor can catch correct, continuous temperature parameters BGA heat. Temperature control is more agreeable. Welding is finished with a caution capacity to tell the client.

  • Computer Interface for reflow / reballing profiles
  • Dark IR 400W top heating
  • Can reflow / reball chip size up to 65 x 65 (certainly large enough to do both PS3 and 360 chips and all laptop chips)
  • Bottom preheated size of 260 x 245 (very good, as the T-8280 is ~ 250 x 260 and works great)
    Internalized PCB fixture rail for added PCB support and stability
  • Has forced air cooling
  • Many upgraded Features, also Hot Air Top attachment soon to be released
  • This machine reflows play station 3 BGA`s with ease and much faster than IR 6000
  • Independent preheating zones use either middle 2 or all 4 pre heating plates


IR-PRO SC with Rs232 interchanges connector. Correspondence with the workstation, the programming supplied IRSOFT temperature control, machine control might be accomplished. Might be set at passage 8 +8 temperature control temperature bend temperature bend can store 10 gatherings.

It repairs transform without wind stream. It does not influence to the encompassing small components. IR-PRO SC expansive zone of the upper part of the warming can effectively repair an assortment of CPU Block, different shielding walled in areas, sweep of different parts opening. IR-PRO Sc could be planted specifically warmed chip BGA patch ball, the warming methodology of the steel cross section is not disfigured (for immediate warming with steel work to clients).